GDPR Summit is being held in the Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes main hall on November 19th. The day starts at 9am and runs to 4pm. Registration is open at 9am and is open all day. The event is also being collocated with the following events. They all share a large hall and delegates are free to move between them.

As there is very good synergy between the events, we have included all the agendas below.  Delegates are free to move between events. You simply click on the links to view. You can also print it out.

Main Stage

Main Stage: Tech Connect


Sales & Marketing Summit
IT, Data and Software Summit
Digital Marketing Live
IOT Summit
Blockchain Conference
Cyber Security Live
Fintech Innovations Live
Digital Transformation Conference
AI & Machine Learning Conference
Social Media Conference
Future of Work Conference
Augmented & Virtual Reality Conference
Agile Summit
Jobs In Tech
GDPR Summit